China Market Entry

We help clients establish a strong and significant presence in China in an accelerated timeframe. We work alongside clients as partner and advisor throughout the market entry process, helping them from idea to complete implementation.

We offer:

Support from idea to realization. We are in there with you until you reach your China market entry objectives, including during the execution phase.

Concrete deliverables. Our deliverables are not limited to insights and advice, but include the realization of key market entry milestones , such as your own China team or first local revenue.

A dedicated team in China.We only work on a limited number of projects at any given time. This means you will have a team of experienced professionals dedicated to your success in China.

We deliver strategies that:

Exploit real market opportunities. We help you develop and execute strategies based on an accurate understanding of the market opportunities for your organization in China. We achieve this by emphasizing primary research, including interviews with senior decision makers all along your value chain – including your future customers, competitors, potential value chain partners, and other stakeholders.

Work in China. We work with you to leverage your company’s competitive advantages in a way that works in China, taking into account local customer tastes, the local competition, and regulatory environment.

Consider all of your options.With hands-on experience in Greenfield investment, mergers and acquisitions (M&A) and partnerships in China, we can help you decide which type of entry strategy is right for your organization.

Our Approach

We use a systematic and practical approach that covers all key issues in a timely manner.

To ensure that you reach your objectives we emphasize:

Multi-disciplinary expertise. To meet your specific needs, we will incorporate a number of associates and experts into our joint project team. This will secure the expertise you need, when you need it, and at a competitive price.

Market feedback. We will proactively test potential solutions and strategies with the market, using the feedback to further improve your final market entry strategy.

Continuous knowledge transfer. All key findings and conclusions are communicated to you on a continuous basis; key decisions are taken jointly or by you alone; all process know-how is transferred to your team.

Flexible fee structures. We can work on a retainer basis or share risks and rewards through success fees. If you are interested in retaining our services please email our Managing Director, Per Stenvall (email).