China Due Diligence

Our due diligence services allow corporate executives to make confident business decisions in China based on a granular understanding of local markets and actors.

Key facts about our China due diligence services:

  • We conduct deep due diligence into 1) market segments, 2) organizations, and 3) key individuals in China
  • Our methods rely heavily on fieldwork in addition to open source research
  • Our due diligence investigations cover strategic, commercial, financial and operational issues
  • We conduct confidential studies as well as engagements with the active cooperation of the party under investigation
  • Our multidisciplinary teams consist of international and Chinese experts based in China
  • Our deliverables answer key strategic questions such as whether to acquire a company or enter into a business relationship with an organization or individual
  • Our clients include leading large and medium sized corporations and private equity firms

We offer due diligence support in the following situations:

Due diligence in connection with China investments:

Due diligence for companies evaluating business partners in China:

  • Third party due diligence supporting risk-based anti-corruption compliance programs (FCPA / UK Bribery Act due diligence)
  • Due diligence on subsidiaries in China
  • Confidential profiting and screening of potential business partners
  • Vendor verification / supplier vetting
  • Customer due diligence

Due diligence for companies evaluating potential and existing directors and employees:

  • Pre-employment background checks and screening
  • Senior personnel and director decisions
  • Conflict of interest investigations

If you are interested in retaining our services please email our Managing Director, Per Stenvall (email).