The Party: the secret world of China’s communist rulers by Richard McGregor. Great book by the Financial Times’s former Beijing Bureau chief, which describes the role of the communist party and how it influences decision making and power structures in Chinese society. While it does not present any new ground breaking insights for the dedicated China follower it will be a eye-opener for everyone else. Buy and read more here: SE, US, DK, FI

Country driving: a journey through China from farm to factory, Peter Hessler. Wallstreet Journal and New Yorker writer Peter Hessler’s third book about China. In the first story he rents a car in Beijing he sets out on a road trip along the great wall. With great curiosity he tells stories that illustrates the small (challenges renting a house in the Chinese country side) to the gigantic (such as Chinese urbanization – the greatest migration in history). Buy and read more here: SEUSDKFI