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This is the fifth and final article in our series on how the most effective private equity firms approach due diligence in China.

1. Independent due diligence

Hire due diligence providers who give you a truly independent opinion of the Target, providers who deploy due diligence professionals who can stand up to and resist attempts to limit/influence the scope or findings of the due diligence.

2. Avoid Groupthink / Encourage independent thinking

Encourage intellectual honesty within your investment team. Reward independent thinking and constructive questioning of deal logic. Assign investment team members who are not working on the deal in question the role of Devil’s advocate.

3. Minimize due diligence failures in the data room / on-site

Due diligence often fails due to poor execution in the data room / on-site. Make sure that your investment professionals know that they should never let anyone push them around or obstruct them from doing their job during the due diligence, including what to do when this happens.

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