China M&A Week in Review: 27 Jun – 7 Jul 2016

China M&A Week in Review: 27 Jun – 7 Jul 2016

China M&A Week in Review is SSCO’s weekly summary of deals and key developments in China related Mergers and Acquisitions. Our emphasis is on cross-border deals.

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Outbound M&A and Investment


Abris sells Novago to Chinese industrial investor for PLN 50m—Unquote, 28/6/2016 “The transaction’s EV was €123m, consisting of €118m of equity and €5m of debt in the form of land banking. The deal sees Abris relinquish its majority stake in Novago three years after it first invested in the company.”

Inbound M&A into China

No significant deals were reported.

Domestic M&A – Notable Deals

No significant deals were reported.


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