Market Research – Industrial & Consumer Goods

Asia Market Research Case Study

Asia Market Assessment

  • World leader in heating, ventilation and climate control
  • Strong presence in China but limited footprint in other Asian markets
  • Need to determine the potential of other Asian markets in order to develop an Asia Pacific growth strategy
  • Formed project team with Pan-Asian project experience including consultants from China, Mongolia and South Korea
  • Identified demand drivers for each country/region
  • Determined the total market size in each of the countries/regions through secondary research and industry interviews
  • Segmented demand by heating technologies and product categories
  • Identified key competitors in each segment in each country/region
  • Conducted industry interviews in each country/region to determine market shares and product pricing strategies
  • Created detailed competitor profiles
  • With a clear understanding of demand profiles in each country the Client could decide which markets to prioritize
  • Large regional differences indicated that no single product strategy would work in all markets and that gaining significant market share in any one country would require a product offering specifically developed for that market
  • The competitive analysis gave the client an understanding of competitive dynamics in each market and identified the companies would be its key competitors in each of the markets
  • The Client is currently developing its Asia growth strategy