Medical Devices in China

Medical Devices in China

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Medical Devices and Technology in China

The market for medical devices in China – like most segments of the healthcare industry – has seen strong growth over the last decade. And the growth rate looks set to remain significantly above the GDP growth rate for the next decade.

Outside of the top hospitals, advanced medical devices are still rare, presenting potentially attractive opportunities in many segments . In 2011, medical devices accounted for 2.7% of total health expenditure, with per capita spending at USD6.8. This can be compared to USD144 in the United Kingdom.

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Foreign firms, capital and expertise have played an important role in the development of the sector, with three quarters of all medical devices being imported.

Competitive dynamics in China’s medical devices sector is undergoing rapid shifts. The ongoing healthcare reform, aimed at developing a universal healthcare system in China by 2020, will shift demand to more rural areas and to smaller hospitals. Secondly, domestic Chinese firms are starting to emerge as more potent competitors, both in China and abroad.

We are optimistic about the future of the sector, and believe that firms that have the product portfolio and sales strategies to meet the new demand will reap attractive financial rewards.

Stenvall Skoeld works with medical device companies and private equity investors in China to identify and understand opportunities, and screen and validate potential investment targets. We also support investors by conducting due diligence and risk assessment on potential Chinese partners.

We also help companies understand how emerging Chinese competitors will impact the global competitive environment.

To find out more about our work in the medical devices sector in China, please contact Carl-Johan Skoeld. (email)