China Competitive Intelligence

China Competitive Intelligence

We help organizations understand, anticipate and respond to competitive threats from existing and emerging Chinese competitors.

Strong local competitors are emerging in a number of different sectors in China. To sustain growth, many of them are setting their sights on global markets. For established multinationals, this will result in intense competition, especially in fast-growing emerging markets.

Understanding the threat from Chinese competitors places high demands on foreign organizations, even those that have been present in China for decades.

Our support provides organizations with a structured competitive intelligence approach that allow them to:

  1. collect detailed and timely information about the competition from public and internal sources
  2. analyze the information to find out what it means to them
  3. summarize the findings to provide factual decision support

We also conduct targeted intelligence gathering exercises when an organization needs key information about specific competitors.

Our methods work in China

We have a unique focus on interviews and fieldwork to find out the truth about industry segments and companies in China. It is this hands-on, practical approach – the fact that we travel all over China to conduct formal and informal discussions – that allow our clients to gather detailed, reliable information about the competition in China.

We help strengthen your team

Knowledge transfer to our client’s team members is a key feature of our approach. We help our client’s team members establish best-practice for the continuous monitoring of the competitive environment.

We don’t start from scratch

We are experts in commercial due diligence in China. We have over a decade’s experience of researching companies and markets in China for leading multinationals and private equity investors.

If you are a corporate executive interested in retaining our market entry services please email our Managing Director, Per Stenvall (email).

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