China Market Intelligence

China Market Intelligence

We help organizations understand, anticipate and quantify Chinese markets.

With extensive experience of Market Research, Competitive Intelligence and Strategic Planning, we can help you quickly understand markets, competitors and customers in China.

We work with China-based market intelligence and strategy teams, and companies evaluating the Chinese market for the first time.  Our market intelligence services typically include:

  • Country analysis (Industrial and economic policy, government investment, growth, macro trends)
  • Industry fundamentals (Industry structure, size, growth, supply & demand, profit margins and drivers, R&D and technology evolution)
  • Competitive analysis (Chinese and international competitor profiling, market shares, strategic benchmarking, expected developments)
  • Customer analysis (Customer segmentation, identification of unmet needs, preferences and behavior, budgets)
  • M&A-related market intelligence (M&A trends, research into potential Chinese buyers or acquisition targets, due diligence)

Our China research and analysis help clients answer key strategic questions (Click below for larger graphic with examples):

Our customers choose to work with us because:
  • We provide fast, reliable and flexible research solutions…
  • …delivered by a team of consultants who understand the market intelligence and strategic planning process both from a global and a Chinese perspective

If you are interested in retaining our our China competitive intelligence services, please email our Managing Director, Per Stenvall (email).

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