Customer Strategy*******

Customer Strategy*******

We work with companies to turn the growth of domestic Chinese demand into profitable China revenue growth and market share gains.

The size and complexity of China, along with the unique qualities of Chinese consumers can make this a challenge. The solution is a better understanding of Chinese consumers and ‘homegrown’ China customer strategies that exploit these insights.

Our approach starts with gaining detailed insight into customer behavior and preferences, answering questions such as:
  • Who are the key customers?
  • What are their needs?
  • What are different customers willing to pay?
  • Who makes the purchasing decisions?
  • How are the purchasing decisions made?
Next we combine the customer insights with our clients’ competitive advantages and operational strengths to determine:
  • How to segment customers
  • Which products to sell to which segments
  • How to allocate staff and resources
  • How to price products and services
  • How to use different sales channels
  • How to develop the product portfolio

Our approach emphasizes engaging your potential Chinese customers through face-to-face interviews and frank discussions. We gain additional insight from your value chain partners, competitors and other industry experts.

If you are interested in retaining our services please email our Managing Director, Per Stenvall (email).