Commercial Due Diligence


Commercial Due Diligence

We have supported private equity houses investing in China and Asia on commercial due diligence projects for close to 15 years.

Our commercial due diligence services help private equity investment committees confirm the strategic logic of investments based on fact based, independent analysis of the target and its markets.

Our commercial due diligence services help address key strategic and commercial questions that need to be answered in order to make an educated investment decision with regard to potential investments.

Benefits to private equity investors:

  • Understand market attractiveness
  • Determine if the target is positioned to win
  • Identify opportunities for value creation (incl. add-on / bolt-on acquisitions)
  • Make realistic forecasts, valuations and return analysis
  • Identify and manage risk
  • Chart a clear course for realizing value in early ownership period

We have experience working on China and Asia commercial due diligence projects with challenging work scopes and time frames to help our clients participate in competitive auctions and other time sensitive situations.